Moncler Moka Shiny Fitted Puffer Coat With Hood

Modeled after our men’s Arctic Parka, introduced in 1972 for workers constructing the Alaskan pipeline (where the average winter low is minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit), our women’s Arctic Parka is every bit as durable-with a more flattering fit. Many have braved the most extreme temperatures in this parka, which has more recently achieved global status as a fashion icon. The generously pocketed parka provides ample warmth and coverage, from the detachable genuine coyote fur hood ruff to the hand-warmer pockets. Ribbed storm cuffs stops wind in its tracks, and Moncler Moka Shiny Fitted Puffer Coat With Hood now makes this classic parka water-resistant.

What have designers been asking you to play this season
There are no specific trends this season. Each designer had their own inspirations. Musically, I went from Mississippi blues to Brazilian seventies experimental Tropicalia movement to psychedelic rave to classical theatrical to French Online Cyber ​​monday Sale Moncler. It’s a big range, so you need to be very erudite in your music knowledge. Designers need that.


What are you going to play for the Moncler Moka Knee Length Fitted Puffer Coat with Hood
I’ve been thinking today that we’re gonna do something quite hip-hop-y. But I don’t know! You can’t play Pharrell Williams tracks. I’d be embarrassed to play someone’s track when they’re in the room. So I’m not sure yet…. Obviously, I’m gonna have a lot of R&B and hip-hop, but it’s gonna go into disco and a few electronica-sounding tracks, too. I need to get people dancing, so I’ll see tonight how it will go.

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Are you working on anything outside of fashion week that you can tell us about Moncler Moka Quilted Coat
Yeah, I’m designing headphones with Frends. I use headphones constantly—whether I’m in the studio, on the catwalk, on the street, or deejaying—and I want to design a headphone that’s gonna become a fashion accessory. People can wear it almost like jewelry. You can put it around your neck constantly, without looking like you’re a nerd, you know I’m working on this collaboration right now, to come out at the end of the year.

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