Drake scrambled Moncler sales with clip “Hotline Bling”

In this video, the rapper wears a red down jacket, Moncler brand. According to a spokesman, jacket sales have doubled since the launch of Drake music video.

After having ignited the canvas with her new video ‘Hotline Bling’, and by the way is hilarious Internet, Drake today sets fire to the cheap Moncler jacket sale. The Red Jacket is the rapper, in his latest video, is indeed a model, called “Maya”, of the Italian brand. The logo is clearly identifiable, in the first seconds of the clip.

Thanks to Drake, sales of this coat would have doubled, since moncler online shop the publication of ‘Hotline Bling’, as mentioned  moncler jackets one of the spokespersons of Moncler to the Vanity Fair site. “We had great results on the site online for the Maya model”, he added. Without giving more details on the number of sold jackets. This down jacket in lacquered nylon, ‘historical matter of Moncler’, cost the modest moncler womens jacket sum of 715 euros (1 150 U.S. dollars).

MONCLER can at least thank Drake, for this beautiful shot of pub’. And who knows, why not ask the rapper, moncler womens jacket to become the brand Ambassador? The claw had already appealed to a celebrity in size to represent, in 2013: the singer Pharrell Williams.

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